Alfa 156 1.9 JTD


Sveiki, taigi turėdamas šitą mašiniuką, pasidalinsiu kai kuria naudinga info..

//– FORUMAI –// MAF’o isvalymas <———————————–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

//–ECU resetinimas–//


To reset the climate control:
Disconnect battery
Wait five minutes
Reconnect battery
Wait five minutes – ignition OFF. You’ll hear the air control flaps operating during this time – this is a self-calibration routine and gets buggered up
if you switch on too soon – wait for silence.

//–GAZO pedalo nuresetinimas–//

1. Disconnect the negative lead from the battery for a minimum of 45 minutes. Some people recommend overnight but that is not really necessary.
2. Reconnect the battery negative lead
3. Put key in ignition, turn to MAR and leave for 90 secs *****
4. Turn off the ignition, but not remove the key and leave for 90 secs *****
5. Start the engine but do not touch the throttle and let the car idle for 15 mins otherwise the car will not rev freely afterwards (as V6 owners know
at their peril)
6. Turn the car off and leave for 10 mins
7. Start the car and take her for a blast

start from number three for a throttle reset only…..from number one for both ecu and throttle reset.
normal bold text = ECU Reset
**** = Throttle reset

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